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As a rule we always put on paint protection film first. Due to the reduction in adhesion from the applied coatings, paint protection film will not adhere properly to the body panels. Coatings go easily over PPF and add to the gloss and ease of maintenance.
Yes! There are varying grades of film that can be applied. We use XPEL Ultimate Plus unless otherwise requested. With a 10yr warranty, this is our go to film to ensure the longest life possible on your vehicle. XPEL also offers temporary, thicker and smoked films for other applications.
You bet!! Just remember to use a base wash that only uses soap and multi rinse stage. In the event you accidentally have wax applied, it can be easily removed at a later date with specific products designed to be safe for the coating.
Our most popular films are 35% to 50% shade as they have the highest heat rejection while not affecting the clarity of the windows. Applications where increased privacy is on the check list, we can install reflective or darker film to fit your needs.
On average the process takes 1.5-2 days for the average vehicle. However larger vehicles and vehicles requiring significant paint correction will take additional time. This will be discussed prior to booking in the vehicle to ensure the proper time is allocated.

Yes! Every service we offer is fully customizable to fit your wants, needs and budget. Simply reach out to us and we can discuss all options for you.