Vehicle Wraps

Solid Colour &

Custom Prints

Giving your vehicle personality and protection with the same appearance and surface structure or a regular paint finish.


solid colour &

Custom prints

Give your vehicle a completely new look while protecting the paint underneath. Wraps are a stylish, eye-catching way for your vehicle to stand out in the crowd while protecting it against chips, weathering, UV and chemical damage, scratches, and debris. Both colour and custom printed wraps are available to be installed beginning at $2500. Installed with high precision to ensure a seamless finish, wraps are a low-commitment way to add personality to your vehicle. 

Wrapping a car is a relatively quick process, so you’ll be back on the road fast. Wraps are now one of the most effective and compelling ways to advertise a business or just give your vehicle a little extra personality.


starting at $2500
$ 2500
  • Seamless Finish
  • High Quality
  • Protective material